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Introducing the eMoney Engineering Blog

At eMoney Advisor, a lot is happening behind the scenes to bring a first-rate user experience to financial advisors and their clients. The underpinnings of that user experience is a codebase built and maintained by a dedicated group of developers, designers, and engineers.

We spend a great deal of time crafting the best software we can to ship code that is not only fast, but well-tested. We like agile practices, test-driven development, and Martin Fowler. We use SQL and we use NoSQL, and we know which is best for a given purpose.

We write for blogs, we speak at conferences and meetups, and we play table tennis during lunch. We host internal reading groups, code quality workshops, and chili cook-off contests. We pour ourselves into our code and then pour ourselves a beer. We’re diverse, respectful, and patient. Sometimes we ship bugs. Then we learn from the experience.

Most importantly, we’re passionate about what we do. We build and ship great code to support a great product. We’d like to share our experiences, and invite you to see our progress and read about our successes and our failures.

– The eMoney Development Team


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